Test-drive Office 365 with Vorsite

Seattle, WA (February 16, 2017) – Getting a grip on new technology and its features can be extremely challenging and usually involves digging through a large amount of written instructions or navigating back-and-forth through a YouTube video. Vorsite can make the learning process fun and easier for you by offering a hands-on experience, the Customer Immersion Experience (CIE).

The Customer Immersion Experience is a true-to-life user experience that takes you through everyday business situations, such as working remotely, analyzing sales data and collaborating with coworkers. Unlike traditional product presentations and demos, the CIE puts you in the driver’s seat for a rich, highly interactive, informative, and fun experience. Vorsite will provide you with Microsoft’s latest software and devices making it easy, convenient, and secure.

During the session, you’ll try out solutions to your business challenges and get expert advice on using your current technology to strengthen productivity. CIE sessions are delivered in-person or remotely by Aaron Nettles, CEO of Vorsite, and customized to let you explore at your own pace, focus on the products and solutions that you want, and get hands-on experience that address your business needs.

The CIE is for any user. Whether you want to experiment with specific Microsoft products before buying or already have Microsoft products and want to learn how to effectively use them to improve your business, you don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity.

This is an experience to explore Microsoft, ask questions, and learn from one another about how Vorsite can help solve your business challenges and boost your organization’s productivity. Visit Vorsite’s CIE page if you are interested in learning more or want to be notified when a Customer Immersion Experience is happening near you!


About Vorsite

Vorsite is a top 200 Microsoft partner and a leader when it comes to helping a business transition to the cloud. With over 200 customers Nationwide, Vorsite's focus continues to center around practices that enable companies to leverage the right combination of Cloud services. Vorsite has a wide range of services, allowing customers to cut their operational cost and improve employee productivity.

Partnering with the top Cloud Vendors, Vorsite gives customers the guidance, training, and support they need to move their business in to the new age of computing.