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Realize the Full Potential of Office 365

For many organizations this journey starts with migration and Vorsite recognizes that is just the beginning.  Our managed services are designed to guide you through digital transformation and continue on to support you into the future.

Realize the Full Potential of Office 365

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3 Reasons to Choose Us
to Manage Your Microsoft Cloud Services

  1. Experienced – Migrating and Supporting Office 365 Customers Since 2008.
  2. Cloud First Approach – Vorsite has helped more than 200 businesses lower IT expenses by migrating them to cloud services. It’s no longer a question if but when should your business embrace the cloud.
  3. Flexible – We can be your outsourced IT team or integrate with your existing IT team. Our services and staff are ready to align with your business needs.
Ready to Make the Move to SharePoint Online?
Microsoft Cloud Services

We can move your company from file shares, Dropbox, Google Docs, or existing SharePoint Sites.

Office 365 Migration

Our Services

Email Migration

Hands-on migration to Office 365.

Cyber Security

Secure your email and data against malware attacks.

SharePoint Transition Services

What’s right for your business, Hybrid or 100% cloud?

Office 365 Managed Service

Professional and affordable.

Security Assessment - For Office 365

The challenge today is most businesses aren’t aware of Office 365’s built-in security capabilities and how to deploy them.

We are offering a security assessment to help you recognize what’s already available to you and actions to take to protect the data most important to your business.

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Myths About Moving to the Cloud

When considering Office 365 to power your organization, you need to know the facts. Your business depends on it. Want to learn which of the top nine Office 365 business cloud myths you may have thought were true-but aren't?

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Myths About Moving to the CloudMyth #1: If our data moves to the cloud, our business will no longer have control over our technology.

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