How secure is your business?


  • SMB (250 or less) is a big target – 43% of all attacks in 2016
  • 420M new types of malware flooded the market in 2016
  • Common attacks are Links/URL & attachments in emails
  • Cyber criminals are stealing: money via wire transfers, customers’ information, file fake tax refunds and intellectual property
  • The World Economic Forum has listed cybercrimes as a top global risk

How can Vorsite reduce the risk of cybercrime?

Cyber Security Services by Vorsite is designed to enable protection services for Office 365. Vorsite adds protection to your Office 365 platform, as well as provide advisory services to support the ongoing security of your email service.

Our monthly service includes:

  • Quarterly security assessments 
  • Protection against Malware attacks
  • Threat and attack notifications

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